Electrical Engineered Products was established in 1985 as a result from the high prices of the OEM products and services. Our main goal is to provide high quality, refurbished laboratory instrumentation to our customers for a price that will accomadate their budget. We are a private, U.S. based, independent supplier of replacement parts, consumables, and calibration / standardization standards. We have, and continue to provide faster, simpler and cost effective solutions for our customers. Electrical Engineering Products is your best source for pre-owned, late model spectrometers and Leco analyzers. We also have one of the largest new and used parts inventories in North America. Contact us for your needs.

Our products include:

  • A full range of Optical Emission (OE) spectrometers for metals analysis, Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) for liquid analysis, X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF), Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AA), Spectrometer Readout Upgrades (available in 16 channel, 32 channel and 48 channel), Source Unit upgrades, spare parts and consumables and accessories.
  • We also carry a full range of LECO combustion analyzers (Carbon, Sulfur, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Hydrogen), huge inventory of spare parts, consumables and accessories.
  • Check out our LECO analyzer readout upgrade available for the CS 244-344, TC-136, SC32-132, IR-212, RO-116-316 and TN-114 analyzers.
  • Metals and materials testing. We have a FULLY equipped laboratory for testing YOUR metals, liquids and powder materials.

Electrical Engineered Products represent the following companies:

  • Angstrom Inc. (O.E.labratory spectrometer, portable spectrometers, upgrades, sample preparation equipment and their 'industry standard' sample presses and pulverizers)
  • Labco Inc. (Electronics and software upgrades for spectrometers)
  • Spectrographic Technologies (Quality chemical analysis of metals, ceramics, soil, cement, aggregates, coal, coke, and recycled materials)

Services provided:

  • Include preventative maintenance, upgrades, modifications, consultation and training for spectrometer and/or LECO operators. For our 'loyal' (ok, maybe some aren't as loyal) customers we offer no-cost expert phone/email technical support as well.
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