LECO Units

We have a dozens of analyzers and sample preparation equipment available at VERY affordable prices. Don't commit to purchasing a unit from anybody else until you first give us a call. For fast response, please contact us.

Inventory includes, but not limited to:

CS-125 Carbon, Sulphur
CS-244 Carbon, Sulphur
CS-444LS Carbon, Sulphur
DH-103 Hydrogen
EF-400 Furnace
EF-500 Furnace
HF-400 Furnace
IR-212 Carbon
IR-232 Sulphur
RH-1 Hydrogen
RH-404 Hydrogen
RO-316 Oxygen
SC-432 Sulphur
TC-136 Nitrogen, Oxygen
TC-436 Nitrogen, Oxygen
WR-112 Carbon

If you are looking for, or in need of a particular type or model, we can still help. Contact us with your needs.

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